1Password 7 brings Face ID Support


The latest version of 1Password for iOS adds support for the iPhone X Face ID feature. The feature authenticates users using the face-scanning ability rather than a password or Touch ID.

For me, it was transformative when 1Password brought support for Touch ID. No longer did I need to repeatedly enter my super password, which made it more likely to use 1Password and also have a better password. Face ID for me is an evolution on that. It works basically the same way as Touch ID, but now it's nearly transparent. Rather than having to move my thumb to scan I just pause for a moment to allow Face ID to do its thing. Then my 1Password vault is unlocked.

It's pretty slick.

Another major new feature is Quick Copy. Now, when swapping to 1Password to copy a username, when you swap back to 1Password it will automatically grab your password and, if using one, a one-time password. When switching back to the app, the password(s) are then pasted in.