Report: 5 teams working on wireless charging for next iPhone Permanent Article Link- Report: 5 teams working on wireless charging for next iPhone

Reuters (via MacRumors)

Apple recently joined the group backing Qi. But there are still at least five different groups working on wireless charging technology within Apple, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

It would Apple is working hard on bringing some kind of wireless charging to the next iPhone. I'll be curious if this will just be inductive charging or actual charging without wires. The Apple Watch uses a magnetic inductive system, similar to other phone designs. iPhone users to date needed to use specialized cases and charging mats to charge without plugging something.

Apple issues statement on Trump change on transgender guidance Permanent Article Link- Apple issues statement on Trump change on transgender guidance

This week, the Trump administration recalled guidance issued from the U.S. Department of Education under President Obama. The guidance was suspended under a court order and now the situation leaves individual states to determine how to handle the issue.

Apple in a statement to Axios:

"Apple believes everyone deserves a chance to thrive in an environment free from stigma and discrimination," the company said in a statement to Axios. "We support efforts toward greater acceptance, not less, and we strongly believe that transgender students should be treated as equals. We disagree with any effort to limit or rescind their rights and protections."

Apple's new headquarters has a name and move in date Permanent Article Link- Apple's new headquarters has a name and move in date


Apple today announced that Apple Park, the company's new 175-acre campus, will be ready for employees to begin occupying in April. The process of moving more than 12,000 people will take over six months, and construction of the buildings and parklands is scheduled to continue through the summer.

Apple made this announcement two days prior to what would have been Steve Jobs' 62nd birthday. In his honor, Apple will name its large on-site theater the Steve Jobs Theater, which seem fitting given his famous keynote presentations at Apple.

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iOS 10 adoption rate nears 80% Permanent Article Link- iOS 10 adoption rate nears 80%


Just over five months after iOS 10 was released to the public, the operating system is now installed on 79% of active iOS devices, according to the latest adoption data shared by Apple.

I think a driving force with adoption rates is Apple frequently nags you to upgrade and there's generally little reason not to do it other than the inconvenience. Apple has recently address that too recently, however, with the ability to postpone updates overnight.

MKBHD Reviews Beats X Permanent Article Link- MKBHD Reviews Beats X

Youtube Marquese Brownlee has a nice review of the new Beats X wireless headphones. Basically offers good noise isolation, eq is towards the bass, but the limitation is it's not ideal for working out. He called it the best Beats headphones, with the caveat that not everyone is the ideal beats customer.

Overcast 3.0 for iOS Permanent Article Link- Overcast 3.0 for iOS

The popular podcast app Overcast has been updated to version 3.0:

Overcast 3 is now available, and it's a huge update, mostly in the design and flow of the interface. I've been working on it since last summer, informed by over two years of testing, usage, and customer feedback.

I've been playing around with it and overall a lot of nice changes. Some annoying things have been fixed, like deleting episodes was tedious and often accidentally played if swiping one at a time. Other stuff has been moved around like the playback effects that take some getting used to.

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Porche 911 running Doom? Permanent Article Link- Porche 911 running Doom?

Not really, but this is great.

Unlimited mobile data makes a comeback Permanent Article Link- Unlimited mobile data makes a comeback

Verizon last week made a surprise announcement that it is again offering unlimited data plans for its LTE service. Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T quickly followed with their own announcements around unlimited data. The trigger appears to be T-Mobile, which saw a very successful quarter attracting Verizon customers with its previously announced unlimited plans.
The Verge:

"Verizon's perceived network advantage is no longer strong enough to keep its best customers on unattractive rate plans and it was forced to respond," reports BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk, which, along with T-Mobile announcing a record porting ratio against Verizon in Q1 2017, may explain Verizon's sudden change in attitude.

All four carriers have different prices, features, and limitations for unlimited data. It's interesting though to see things tilt back to unlimited features on data after a hard shift to metered bandwidth with LTE.

Thieves chew through security cables at Madrid Apple Stores Permanent Article Link- Thieves chew through security cables at Madrid Apple Stores

Apparently a group in Romanias have stolen over $24,000 in demo products from a Madrid Apple Store. The thefts took place over a period time in a coordinated effort.

iDrop News:

The capers were reportedly well-organized, as the suspects dispersed in a "joint, planned and distributed manner throughout the establishment." According to camera footage, one of the thieves bit through the security tether until the iPhone was freed. The device was then passed along various members of the group -- to make it harder for the staff to keep track of the stolen iPhone -- until the thieves could finally remove it from the store.

The scheme reportedly broke down when a member was caught attempting to sell stolen products.

Next Apple TV thought to offer 4K Permanent Article Link- Next Apple TV thought to offer 4K


Earlier this month, Apple Inc. poached the chief of Amazon's Fire TV unit to run its television operations. Timothy D. Twerdhal brings hardware and content experience to his new gig, and his hiring suggests a renewed focus on the Apple TV set-top box.

Twerdhal's arrival comes as the company tests a new, fifth-generation Apple TV that it may release as soon as this year. Internally codenamed "J105," the new box will be capable of streaming ultra-high-definition 4K and more vivid colors, according to people familiar with the plans.

I feel like Apple TV's biggest limiting factors are content and software. 4K would keep the device fresh for years, but I'm not sure how of the adoption rate yet for TVs/monitors and content.

The story also go into depth on the various challenges Apple has had with content owners and developing a compelling hardware solution at reasonable prices with high margins.

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