Apple opens new generation Chicago store


Apple is opening a major new retail store in Chicago next week and Apple provided a preview. The store is described as a new generation of flagship stores.

Intended as a gathering place for the local community, the store will host year-round Today at Apple programming, building on Chicago's city-wide initiative to enliven the Riverwalk. To celebrate the opening, Apple Michigan Avenue will host "The Chicago Series," a month-long set of events that will provide attendees with the tools to pursue their passions, from photography and music to coding and app design.

The design of the store is intended to blend with the surroundings.
Every design feature serves to minimize the boundary between the city and the Chicago River. Even the building's 111-by-98 foot carbon-fiber roof was designed to be as thin as possible, and the entire structure is supported by four interior pillars that allow the 32-foot glass facades to remain unobscured.

The North Michigan Avenue store opens Monday with a number of planned events.