Leaked document details Apple iPhone service procedures


Business Wire published details based on internal Apple documents for its service protocols. Basically it provides guidance for its service staff in determining how to handle iPhone hardware service requests.

A 22-page document recently leaked on Dropbox shows how Apple instructs its technicians and authorized service partners to inspect iPhones for repair and determine whether they are eligible for an in-warranty repair (inexpensive) or an out-of-warranty repair (more expensive) -- or if it's a problem Apple can't fix (you need a new phone).

The document seen by Business Insider, called the "Visual/Mechanical Inspection Guide," is dated March 3, 2017, and covers the iPhone 6, 6S, and 7, as well as the associated Plus models. Apple technicians called Geniuses call it a "VMI."

Business Insider said there are also similar documents for other Apple products.