10th anniversary remembrances of the iMac


The original iMac (LowEndMac), widely credited with "saving Apple," shipped on this date 10 years ago. A bit quaint by current standards, Apple's Bondi-blue wonder shipped with Mac OS 8.1 running on a 233MHz G3 with 32MB RAM, 4GB disc, 24X CD-ROM drive, 1024x768 CRT and an integrated 56 Kbps modem--state-of-the-art features at the time.

The PPC 750 processor (IBM) included in the 1998 iMac was one of the best CPUs ever created and held a spot in the Apple product line until the G4 iBook was introduced in late 2003. A testament to its power and versatility is the fact that you can still buy variants of the chip (OWC) as upgrades even today.

And, although the last update was published in 2002 and support for emulation under OS X ended last year, Classic Mac OS still has its fans and adherents around the world. [Continue reading]

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