X-quest: Dumping Entourage for Mail 1.2


The improved Address Book and Mail 1.2 applications included with the Jaguar are supremely cool on a number of different levels. However, one area where this dynamic duo fails is importing addresses from third-party mail clients, like Entourage or Outlook Express.

As more than a few of may have noticed, Entourage, the mail/PIM/organizer app that ships as part of M$' Office suite, will only export addresses in the .txt format and Mail 1.2 only imports addresses in the VCF and LDIF card formats.

The Wednesday edition ofMacsonly (you'll have to scroll down a bit) has a solution to the problem -- if you drag records from Entourage to a folder on your desktop, they are exported as V-cards (i.e. VCF format) that can be imported by Address Book.

Silly simple, but a great tip nevertheless.