OWC Releases XPostFacto 2.2


Other World Computing has released version 2.2 of XPostFacto, its software utility that lets pre-G3 Macs install OS X - including the newly-released X.2, aka Jaguar.

Compatible with all OS X versions, XPostFacto is licensed exclusively through OWC, and will install on all G3-upgraded and a large number of PCI-based Macs. These include the 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500, and 9600, as well as clones, such as the UMAX S900 and J700, PowerComputing PowerWave and PowerTower Pro; Daystar Genesis; and Millennium.

With some limitations, owner/drivers of the original PowerBook G3 (Kanga), 3400 and 2400 can also install OS X using XPostFacto.

"XPostFacto is up-to-date with the current operating system offered by Apple," said Larry O'Connor, president of OWC. "Ryan has worked numerous hours and through various beta versions to develop XPostFacto 2.2, which now allows loyal Apple users of older machines to install Jaguar - Apple OS X 10.2 - which was announced at Macworld New York and recently released to consumers. XPostFacto is a revolutionary product that gives life to older Macs, and has helped thousands of loyal OWC customers and Apple computer aficionados."

Major updates to version 2.2 include:
- Support for UltraTek IDE cards (along with OWC's firmware update);
Support for some additional PowerComputing models;
Support for leaving onboard video disconnected when using a video card
Improved documentation

XPostFacto is available as a free download, although OWC encourages users to register for $10 to support future development of XPostFacto. OWC also hosts an OS X tech forum, where users can discuss XPostFacto and other OS X issues.

Analysis: We certainly endorse financial support for XPostFacto, particularly as it gives schools and other users the ability to use OS X on older hardware, particularly those upgraded with G3 cards. When 10.3 (or OS XI) comes along, you'll still need it.

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