Mac users are 'snobs'


The Street has posted a video take--tellingly entitled Mac users are snobs--on Mindset Media's attention grabbing research that found Mac users to be more liberal, less modest and more assured of their own superiority.

New info / correlations in The Street's version:

• Mac users more likely to use teeth-whitening products

• Mac users bought on average five new pairs of sneakers in the last year

• More likely to buy organic food

• More likely to frequent Starbucks

Apple Store Online

• More likely to own a hybrid car

• Mac users are perfectionists

• More likely to use notebooks

• Prefer to drive station wagons

• More likely to pay more for green products

• More likely to pay for downloaded music

We've heard most or all of this before. But, five pairs of sneakers a year? Sheesh! I buy one pair of chucks every two years...

What's your take?

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