Would you like a 'Luxo Jr.' mirror?


Shinza, a company that specializes in importing Japanese products to the US, is offering the iMirror -- a mirror with a base, adjustable arm and "screen" (the mirror) that's a knock-off of Apple's LCD iMac.

"Who wouldn't love a mirror modelled after the iMac G4?" asks Shinza's website. "[An] excellent complement to your bedroom dresser or your computer desk. Also makes for a terrific gift!"

The website states that a limited production run of the $24.95 iMirror is currently underway and that the product will likely sell-out quickly. The company expects to fill be able to fill iMirror orders within 30 days.

Analysis: It's highly unlikely Apple's legal department will let this product reach market. Then again, maybe they don't have any IPR protection for a mirror that "just happens" to look like an iMac.

Will you order one?