ATI vs nVidia: Is the balance shifting?


DigiTimes reports that companies manufacturing graphics cards based on ATI chips turned in better overall quarterly results than those producing nVidia-based AGP cards. The digital daily also reported that on the whole the graphics card market experienced modest growth.

"Overall, manufacturers for ATI Technologies-based cards delivered stronger business performance, while companies in the Nvidia camp showed relatively weaker and more varied results," the report states.

DigiTimes speculates that ATI's faster-to-market next generation chip RV250, aka Radeon 9000 series graphic cards, which are expected to ship as part of Apple's updated PowerMac systems later today, played a role in helping the current No. 2 graphics chip maker to gain ground on nVidia.

Analysis: When one mega-corporation is pitted against another it's often hard to know who to root for. As ATI has been down for a number of years, however, it would be good to see them spank nVidia for a string of quarters -- competition is good.