Classic moves closer to the grave


Macworld UK quotes staff at the UK Apple Store Apple as saying that a Mac OS 9.2 install CD will not be included with Mac OS X 10.2. Furthermore, Apple will not include an OS 9.2 disk with new Macs. Instead, the report states, Classic will reside on a Restore CD.

Granted, if OS 9 needs to be reinstalled, it can be done so via the restore CD, but that's not quite the same as having the original OS CDs. Apparently, however, those that own Mac OS 9 will not be impeded from installing the operating system. Macworld UK reports that it is currently unknown if Apple will make OS 9 available as a stand alone product. Currently OS 9 can only be found as a product collecting dust on store shelves. Apple currently doesn't sell OS 9 to customers.

An Apple spokesman told Macworld UK -- in mantra-like fashion -- "OS X is the future of the Macintosh. However, Apple doesn't comment on unreleased product."

Analysis: Another step towards the inevitable, but probably way too fast for many to swallow. In fact, this will likely add to the growing ill will felt towards the mothership -- i.e not only are they overcharging for Jaguar but they're skimping on OS 9.

Personally, I don't use Classic anymore, but I think this latest step in the forced march "to the future" -- if indeed this rumor is borne out -- is at least five months premature. The rank and file hasn't even seen Jaguar and they're being asked to trust it sight unseen.

This and other recent decisions indicate a management that needs to get some perspective. It's all getting a bit too shrill. This is yet another bone-head move from Apple.