'Midnight Madness' spreads to NY, Wichita


As the day of OS X' true release nears (Aug. 24), the number of resellers that have announced special Jaguar release events is growing. The most recent to step forward include a reseller in Kansas and another in the Big Apple.

Haddock Computer Center, an Apple Specialist located in Wichita, Kansas, will be holding a midnight madness event from 10:00 pm to 12:00am on Friday, August 23rd.

"Haddock will begin selling Mac OS X 10.2 at 10:20 pm, and should have adequate supplies on hand," according to Richard Haddock, namesake and president of the company. "We will also have numerous specials during our two hour madness."

Big doings in NY

Located at the corner of 60 East 10th St. in New York, NY Digital Society, an Apple Specialist and Apple Authorized Service Center, is also planning a Midnight Madness sale for the 23rd.

"I work with an Apple Specialist in New York City called Digital Society," states a company source. "They will be having a Midnight Madness event at their store on August 23rd. Extra copies of 10.2 are being shipped to the store for the event. People should contact the store for directions or details."

IGM reported earlier that Small Dog (scroll down until you see "Jaguar") will running a Midnight Madness sale on the 23rd from 10pm until midnight. The company will be posting special deals to the web via its 'dog cam' for the duration of the event.

Once again, if your organization will be running a special Jaguar release event or if you know of one that is, please drop us a line with the relevant details.