"Cut. No Don't Cut. No Cut" No Extra Price Relief for UK iMac


In a comedy of errors last week, several news services reported that Apple had cut UK iMac G4 prices on its entry and mid-range models.

At time of writing, MacUser has revised its linked report on the iMac at pcpro.com. The price of the iMac CDRW remains at 1,149. The Register and c|net stories also announced the cuts Friday, which led to the impression that Apple may have introduced further cuts.

MacWorld UK, who apparently have direct hotline into Apple Europe, have issued a correction, stating that further cuts have not been implemented. The truth is, the price reductions were introduced some time ago.

Originally, the entry-level and mid-range models were reported to have had their prices slashed by 100 and 50 respectively. IGM also erroneously reported this in the confusion surrounding UK prices.

The reason for the confusion emerged due to the price cuts which were announced at MWNY, which were effective shortly after July 17. However, some news services assumed Apple had implemented further price cuts in its UK model range.

Analysis: Mind you, if Apple Europe care to send the newswires and we of the Mac web an email clarification every decade or so, we're betting we can disseminate the news much more quickly the MacWorld UK can on its lonesome ownsome. And then British Apple retailers can expect fewer slightly-irritated customers.