ATI's 9500 to arrive in Q3


The digerati at Digitimes report that graphic cards based on its new RV250 (Radeon 9000, 9000 Pro) and R300 (Radeon 9700) graphical processing units (GPUs) will arrive in the third quarter. Also, the company has it will announce final specifications for the new chips in mid-August.

ATI's three new cards are expected to retail for US$109, US$129 and US$399, respectively.

Before unveiling its new-generation chips, ATI had already stopped accepting orders for Radeon 8500-based products, sources say so vendors would have ample time to clear out their stocks of cards based on the chip.

Analysis: Around the time ATI announces final specs in mid-August you can expect to see prices start to fall on the company's current product line, i.e. the 7000 and 8500. I wonder if Mac users will again see shipping products before their PC brethren?

Also, I somehow doubt Mac-compatible cards will be available for the above prices. Chances are we'll be paying about one-third more -- like always.