Brisk GeForce4 Ti orders clears Apple's Web store shelves


Apple Friday started selling its GeForce 4 Titanium upgrades at its online retail store. Previously, the upgrades were only available as a build-to-order option to customers buying new PowerMacs.

Over the weekend, the stocks have apparently been depleted. As of Saturday evening, a sales reprehensive said they were "deluged with orders" and the product was now on backorder. The sales rep quoted a 10 day wait, which is the current backorder as of Monday.

The GeForce 4 Ti was originaly announced by Apple in
early February. At the time, Apple was only accepting orders as a build-order option. The company only started shipping to BTO products just recently after a delays starting in March.

The GeForce 4 Ti requires a PowerMac G4 with a 4x AGP slot. The graphics card offers 128 MB of DDR RAM and compute over 1.23 trillion operations per second. Apple offers the stand-alone upgrade for $399.