A Tale of Two Pismo G4 Upgrades


PowerLogix Friday announced their BlueChip G4 upgrade for the PowerBook Fire
Wire (Pismo) will be available for order on June 17.

In the wake of the resuscitated NewerTech's NuPower Pismo 500 G4 upgrade, which officially went on sale at Other World Computing on Friday night. OWC are also a distributor of PowerLogix's BlueChip Pismo G4/500, as well as its other Wallstreet/Lombard G4 upgrades.

Both the NewerTech and PowerLogix upgrades require that the Pismo be sent in for the upgrade, which requires surface mounting of the 7410 G4 on the processor daughtercard. Unlike earlier PowerLogix Wallstreet and Lombard upgrades, the Pismo's 'personality' daughtercard makes it virtually impossible to duplicate the card, which is available only to Apple.

Both firms will test systems before shipping back to customers.

PowerLogix's BllueChip retails for $329, including FedEx shipping both ways. For a limited time as an introductory offer, the price will be $299 through July 2002. NewerTech's NuPower G4 is also $299.

Analysis: IGM have been aware of a PowerLogix Pismo G4 for some time. The timing here in interesting, given Newer's re-emergence, and IGM were informed only weeks ago of PowerLogix putting the Pismi G4 "on ice". We also understand Mr. Rick Este, now CEO of Newer, is formerly of PowerLogix, and we assume he would have been aware of the development of a PowerLogix Pismo G4. Either way, it's good news for Pismo owners, who should now be able to access more features of Final Cut Pro 3.0, as well as work in DVD Studio Pro and iDVD (which demand a G4). The Pismo will then retain its value as a solid-performing G4 PowerBook, with more flexibility in some respects than the original TiBook 400/500.

Speaking of TiBooks, what's even more interesting is the likelihood of faster G4 for early Ti. A 667 or 800MHz CPU - if possible in these machines - would make a great upgrade for a 2001 Ti 400 (and make Steve break several plates into the bargain)