iMac takes two spots in Japanese top 10


Digitimes reports that two iterations of Apple's iMac held places in the Japanese desktop top 10, No. 3 and No. 6, for the week ending May 5. Sales of the high-end iMac -- G4/800, SuperDrive (M8535J/A) -- put it in the No. 3 position and the midrange model -- G4/700, ComboDrive (M7677 J/A) -- held the No. 6 spot at the beginning of the month.

Additionally, the last generation iBook -- G3/600 (M8599J/C) -- took the No. 9 spot in the notebook segment of the market for the week ending May 5.

Details of the market report by Gfk Japan quoted by Digitimes aren't available online. Unit sales figures are also unavailable.

Analysis: It's interesting that the iBook -- long in tooth as it was in first week of May -- still ranked in the top 10. Notably absent from the top 10, however, is any representative of the PowerMac line, which is due for an overhaul at MWNY.