X quest: Re-installing IE, the redux


A couple days ago, I asked IGM readers for help in re-installing Internet Explorer. I got some good suggestions for work arounds and even a couple step-by-steps on exactly how I should go about it.

Here are the results thus far:

1.) Pacifist rocks! This little widget is now a permanent resident of my utilities folder. It's just this simple...
- Download Pacifist (the disk image will automagically mount)
- Insert the OS X install CD
- Start Pacifist, press Apple + O
- Browse -> OS X CD -> System -> Installation -> Packages -> Essentials (open)
- After Essentials is open, click Applications, select Internet Explorer.app and press Apple + S (Extract Files/install)

Pacifist installs IE just like that and you don't even have to restart (this is a feature of X I'm really getting to like).

Pacifist is the work of Charles Srstka (csrstka@mac.com) and can be downloaded from VersionTracker. Thanks go out to "LeRoy" for suggesting this program -- it saved my butt!

2.) My Unix command-line skills are woefully inadequate. There lots of simple things -- like deleting directories that aren't empty and copying files with spaces in the name -- that I have forgotten or never learned how to do. This must change.

- Thanks to Andreas and Dave for command line help. I did manage to confirm that IE is gone by logging as another user and that it wasn't just a preferences problem. I think I installed IE correctly, but I couldn't get it to work.

3.) "Velvet Jones" suggested I try Mozilla and I have. My impression is that its faster, more stable and more compatible than Netscape 6.2. However, it does have some shortcomings, including quirky bookmark display and it does spontaneously quit from time to time (3-4 times per day) especially when things get complicated (multiple windows open/media files playing in the browser). Also, like Netscape, I can't post stories to IGM using Mozilla. I can comment stories and post to the forums, but not post stories.

4.) I wanted to try OmniWeb, but three downloads from two different sources yielded corrupted installers each time. I'll give it another try when their next beta comes out. Lots of people rave about OmniWeb and there must be solid reasons for that, right? Where's fire there's smoke, right?

Until someone gets it right, I will be a two-browser man. Both IE and Mozilla have problems and I need both to get things done. For example, Mozilla properly handles the Java and cookies of a forum site that I help mother, but can't be used to post stories on IGM. IE can't be used on the aforementioned forum site, but can be used to post stories on IGM. C'est la vie!

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and specific bits of help -- all much appreciated! Does anyone have a suggestion for the next topic?