X quest: Is there any way to re-install IE?


As many of you probably are aware, Internet Explorer under OS X is, well, flaky. After a rather frustrating day of application freezes and general bad behavior, I decided to do the same thing I would have done under Classic -- trash the program and re-install.

To my knowledge and growing chagrin, however, there is no way to re-install IE for X. You can't download it from Microsoft; none of the update sites have it. Apple doesn't have it either. Even several furtive Hotline searches using Tracker-Tracker turned up nothing.

So, the question before the house is this: Am I screwed (i.e. do I have to re-install X just to get IE back) or is there another way?

Certainly some enterprising hackmeister has figured this out, right? If you've got a suggestion one way or the other, please respond to the "X quest" thread in the IGM forums - here.