4-Sight Fax Comes To OS X


Soft Solutions has announced its OS X-native version of 4-Sight-Fax, which brings TCP/IP fax server access to Mac OS X.

Users can now access the fax server from anywhere in the world, using TCP/IP. Users can both send and receive faxes via internet connections from any workstation.

Soft Solutions also touts the new fax forwarding feature, which allows faxes to be redirected via email as a PDF file. QuickFax also provides drag-and-drop faxing capabilities.

4-Sight-Fax 5.0 supports multiplatform environments, with client support for OS 8.6 and later, as well as Windows 85/98/Me/2000/XP. In OS X, 4-Sight-Fax is directly accessible via the Dock.

"As the leader in Macintosh network faxing, we're pleased to integrate commercial faxing capabilities to include email forwarding with PDF attachments, as well as remote TCP/IP-based fax sending and receiving" said Tim Haratine, President of Soft Solutions, Inc.  "Our initial offering will include the long-awaited OS X and Windows clients in addition to "Smart Faxing", which includes versatile and cost-effective Client Side Imaging."

4-Sight Fax 5 will be available from authorized dealers or directly from Soft Solutions, Inc., with a starting price of $595.

Analysis: A good app to see on X, particularly as Apple starts selling rack-mounted servers into enterprise. I haven't used 4-Sight-Fax for a few years, but it always impressed with its ease of use and reliability - you can tell they're a long-time Mac developer (since 1988), not kludgey Windows porters.