LiteSwitch for Mac OS X coming


Proteron has announced that LiteSwitch X, a keyboard application switcher for Mac OS X, is in the final stages of development and will be released soon. While the Dock offers limited keyboard switching under OS X, LiteSwitch X will offer many more features and sport a better interface at the best possible price, free.

LiteSwitch X is a complete rewrite for Mac OS X of Proteron's earlier offering, LiteSwitch 1.0. LiteSwitch 1.0 was the most popular keyboard application switcher for Mac OS 9, offering Windows Alt-tab style switching in a clean, elegant solution that was also free.

LiteSwitch X follows the tradition of LiteSwitch as a simple solution for managing open applications using the keyboard. Like its predecessor, LiteSwitch X has a clean, simple and functional style that is the hallmark of software from Proteron. It features an aquified transparent, resizeable window which is invoked by a configurable key-combination (default is Apple-Tab).

From the pop-up window the user can switch to any application, hide, quit or force quit any application or drag-and-drop files onto any application. Windows users migrating to the Macintosh can feel more at home having the Apple-tab functionality returned to them, yet enjoy it in its full Mac OS X splendor.

Screenshots of LiteSwitch X can be viewed here.