Missing MPEG Tools for OS X Builds MPEG-1, 2, Multliplexes Streams


If you've tried building VCDs or any MPEG movies in OS X and haven't sprung for Cleaner, you're in luck.

If you haven't noticed already, OS X's QuickTime Player won't play VCDs (although MacVCD 4.0 for OS X will). MissingMPEGTools will actually let you build the videos - just like in OS 9.

MissingMPEGTools puts a GUI in front of you with no command lines to memorize and no compuling. Compatible with MPEG-1 and 2, VCD 1 & 2, SVCD, and X(S)VCD, MissingMPEGTools takes up where Astarté'a old M-Pack left off.

MissingMPEGTools can multiplex MPEG audio and video streams (join 'em up, in layperson's terms), encode .wav audio into MPEG-1 layer 2. Better still, it can build Toast-compatible img, or .cue/.bin tracks for burning. The VcDx part of the package allows VCD/SVCD play in OS X.

The 0.8.5 beta is a free download. Sure, you could use Toast's built-in Mpegger, or the iMovie export, but you can't build and multiplex with Toast, and you need a VCD player - right? Download it here. Note that you also need to download MediaPipe to encode MPEG video, which puts a front end on MediaPipe Library (for those of you who don't read Read Mes).