Opinion: Is streamed QT dead?


In a short editorial posted on Resexcellence, a site dedicated to Mac customization and programming, Michael Coyle spells out directly what more than a few of us have noticed over recent months -- major content organizations are dropping QT support left and right.

The most recent example is CNN's switch from free streamed video to for-pay service that only supports the Real One player. A similar example is ABC News. And, the list goes on.

This recent rash of defections could possibly be tied with Apple's failed bid to secure reasonable MPEG4 licensing terms from MPEGLA consortium. The obvious sticking point in the terms presented thus far is the requirement to pay time-based, per-stream user fees.

To this observer's knowledge, although licensing fees for Real are quite high and one presumes WMP fees will eventually be so, neither of these companies charges time-based, per-user fees.

For his part, Coyle opines that, "Perhaps Apple is willing to concede content delivery (QuickTime) in order to focus on the content creation (Final Cut Pro). Whatever the reason, the result is that QuickTime streaming is on the way out with major content providers."

Personally, I'll put my money on Apple's inability to secure reasonable MPEG4 licensing terms and the rash of recent defections. What do you think? Add your thoughts below.