Rumor: PowerPC - The Roadmap


Done with the PPC 970, MacBidouille have now published what it claims is the road map (referred to by Jobs in his '02 MWNY keynote) for the PowerPC.

As ever, you can take all this with healthy grain of salt.

June-July: Power Mac G5 (yes, we know) and XServe.
Speedbumped PB G4s to 1.25GHz.

Aug-Sept: iMac speedbump to 1.2 and 1.4GHz.

Nov: 'Gobi' G3 iBooks running @ 1.0 and 1.2GHz.


Jan-Feb: Revised PPC970, expected to run @ 2.5GHz+
First 970-equipped iMacs @ 1.4-1.6GHz.

March (uncertain): PPC 980-based PowerBooks.

Analysis: Fairly educated guesses, although it means pro portable users are going to be hanging out for the 980 PB for a fair while. Maybe then the iBook will get the G4 (it'd be nice). Remember how long we had to wait for the G4 TiBook? They had to clear out the Pismos at firesale prices in December after that major loss in 2000. Part of the reason was that the G3-based Pismo just wasn't cutting it for OS X, and everyone got bored with iBook colors.