MacAmp Is Back - And, Loving It


Subband Software has announced that MacAmp will live - in OS X no less. The boys and girls at Subband are in "heavy development" in the labs and MacAmp Lite X will be available soon.

Subband believe that 'small is beautiful' and tout MacAmp 1.0.0's features, such as tiny footprint, low-level screen-hogging and tiny fonts.

If you're tired of iTunes at the max gobbling up your screen real estate, you might want to take a preview peek at a screenshot of MacAmp Lite X.

More than 15% of the old Malt skins are still loadable, while Subband also touts the "usable playlist".

More info from Subband Software.

Analysis: Is there still a market for shareware MP3 players now that Apple's iApps division puts iTunes on the desktop of every Mac sold? (and more). Maybe. SoundJam, no longer in development due to its iTunes metamorphosis, is still a firm favorite with some. Maybe it's just me, but I use iTunes very little and mostly stick to that brilliant freeware favorite, SoundApp.