Microspot PrintmiX released for OS X


Microspot Ltd, a developer of graphics software and printer/plotter drivers for the Mac and Windoze, has announced the release of Microspot PrintmiX for the Macintosh OSX and Classic operating systems to enable the printing of multiple images and formats on a single sheet of paper.

This digital imaging application is a welcome addition to the OSX supported product list and an excellent complement to iPhoto. It's an easy way for users to layout and print multiple photos on one sheet of paper. And, for the one million plus users of iPhoto, the printing utility brings additional features to the table.

As a stand-alone package, PrintmiX is a powerful, yet simple, tool that enables even the most novice user to layout and print photos on their home inkjet printers. When used with Apple's iPhoto software, users can simply drag and drop photos into PrintmiX and accomplish their printing goals.

Microspot PrintmiX is a much-needed utility, either stand alone or as a complement to the iPhoto product from Apple. The printing utility enables consumers of all levels to quickly and easily set up their photos for printing in dozens of shapes and sizes including standard 3x5, 4x6, etc.

In addition, users can zoom in on particular parts of their photos and choose different frame shapes to create works of art with the click of a mouse.

"This powerful, yet extremely simple product allows you to make the maximum use of your paper and ink when printing your photos", said Robert Coulling, President & CEO of Microspot. "and is a complementary product to Apple's iPhoto or our other photographic programs Microspot PhotoFix and Microspot PhotoXtra. Microspot PrintmiX is designed to help the end user succeed in printing photos."

Microspot PrintmiX is now available for purchase (US$29) and trial from the company's website. The product is slated to arrive in retail outlets by late April.