500MHz G4 upgrade for slot-loading iMacs


TechnoWarehouse has announced a G4 upgrade for slot-loading CRT-based iMacs, the iTechDV G4 500MHz. With a 1MB L3 cache running at 250MHz, the company claims this upgrade can more than double a user's current performance.

"If all the newest and faster machines from Apple have left you feeling like you've been 'Left Behind' or if the idea of running OS X on your G3 iMac causes your iMac and you to start to shudder - then rejoice, relief is available!" gushes the company's spin.

This upgrade is compatible iMac models are most of Apple's slot-loading optical drive iMacs. This includes the 350 through 500MHz G3 model consumer desktops.

The caveats with this product is that it's not user installable and it's only available in the US.

Here's the drill:
... Disassemble your iMac (as per the included instructions);
... Place the motherboard in the provided anti-static bag;
... Ship it off (prepaid) for the upgrade to be applied;
... 10 days or fewer later, you'll get your mobo back; and
... you'll re-install as per the directions provided.

TechnoWarehouse's iTechDV G4 500MHz upgrade is pegged to sell for $299 and includes shipping, "there and back," for your mobo via Fedex Saver.

Editor's note: This upgrade obviously isn't for the technically challenged, but does represent a significant opportunity for many users unable or unwilling to give up their CRT iMacs.

Do you own a slot-loading iMac? Does product appeal to you?