Annecdotes confirm iMac shipments getting better


According to Digitimes, Quanta Computer, the Taiwan-based contract manufacturer producing the new iMac, will post improved results for the month of because it has been able to produce iMacs in growing quantities.

The digital daily reports that poor results in January and February were caused by complications in its shipments of Apple's new iMac, revenues and shipments for March are expected to set new monthly records thanks to notebook orders from HP and the resolution of the iMac's shipment problems.

Many believe the company's uninspiring performance in the first two months of the year is directly attributable to problems with the iMac. Kimberly Alexy, a Prudential Securities analyst, told Digitimes that since the iMac's debut in January, demand has intensified but tight supply of TFT LCD panels for the iMac has hampered shipments.

According to sources, the crux of the problem was that Apple couldn't to provide Quanta with a stable supply of LCDs, therefore Taiwanese company's iMac shipments were much lower than expected.

Additionally, sources are quoted as saying, Quanta experienced difficulties assembling the iMac's stainless steel LCD monitor.

Analysis: This news appears to confirm Steve Jobs' assertion that the new iMacs are now shipping in volume. Although Quanta certainly has an interest in making this information available, especially as it relates to analysts' expections for the company, one has to wonder if the release of this information is any way scripted by Cupertino.