X-bytes: The one who dies with the most X apps...


SigSoftware'sClassic Menu brings back the functionality of the Apple Menu to Mac OS X. It displays the icons and names of files and folders in the Classic Menu Items folder and allows up to five levels of hierarchical menus for folder contents. It also includes some extra features like the ability to add any folder to the menu and accessing the Apple Menu from any location.

iMsafe can back up data stored on any mounted OS X volume (such as your HD) to any other mounted OS X volume. Users can run backups from within iMsafe or schedule backups.Users can create as many backup tasks as they like. Features of this US$13 shareware app include: back up to an internal HD, removable HD, Zip, CD-RW, iPod, Pen-drive or a network volume, synchronize two folders, perform incremental backups, serve up tasty bacon-flavored treats in minutes (just kidding), etc.

Fire is a freeware multi-platform Instant Messenger client available for Mac OS X from Epicware. It can handle similtaneous connections to AIM, ICQ, Yahoo , IRC, MSN and Jabber IM.

MegaSeg v2.1b8 is a MP3 mixer and cataloger for professionals that consolidates the best tracks from your CDs on your hard drive, and can segue (cross-fade) or beatmix between songs. MegaSeg includes a full featured library with a search and categorizing system to organize and find your music fast.

Minutiae Software's US$80 PAID! is a runtime database program that allows freelancers in the film and television biz to easily track job invoices, clients, crew members and billable items. Version 3 is a free upgrade for registered users and offers native OS X compatibility.

Analysis: I'm waiting for the arrival of LAID! -- an application just for the dateless and other married men (with small children). Imagine the power of X's multitasking put to test as you induce kernal panic after kernal panic.