Rumor: 15.4" PowerBook to Replace Titanium


Appleinsider forums have published a discussion between a Digitimes correspondent and a reader, which says Apple is set to replace the current 15.2" PowerBook G4 Titanium model with a slightly larger screen.

The Digitimes correspondent wrote to the Appleinsider reader:

"The 15.4" model will replace the current 15.2" model in the near future. On Apple Computer's website, the company has pointed out that the actual 15" PowerBook measured at 15.2" in diagonal."

The correspondent is reportedly Chinmei Sung of Digitimes. IGM have mailed Mr. Sung requesting verification of this quotation.

The PowerBook G4/15.2" was left untouched at MWSF, with no upgrades to its existing specification.

Analysis: There are genuine reasons for suspecting this may well be authentic, despite not being able to ascertain the provenance of the source. With the 12.1 and 17" PowerBooks, Apple has essentially shown its hand; aluminum is the metal of choice; and the TiBook in its current form is probably not long for this world. A slightly larger screen [although at what resolution?] would slot in between the two new PowerBooks nicely, while the 12.1" - and cheaper - PowerBook G4 sports better features than its bigger brother, such as a faster Combo drive, support for Airport II; better graphics; and BlueTooth built-in.

Get the Ti while you can, if you want one: our bet is Apple will wait until demand for the 12.1" (end of January) and the 17" (February) is sated, before dropping a big 15-incher on us to keep that PowerBook demand steamrolling in.

Update: 1/16/2003]: Mr. Sung responded to IGM's request to verify that he was quoted correctly, and he states that he was. His response is published below:

Our Chinese reporter, David Tseng, broke news, and that I have double-checked with him several times on Mac computer production in Taiwan. To answer your question, yes, I am quoted correctly.

Chinmei Sung