Apple served with warrant for Texas shooter’s iCloud data


The Verge:

The San Antonio Express-News reports that the warrant covers files stored in Kelley's iCloud account, with law enforcement apparently seeking phone call and message information, photos and videos, and other data dating back to January 1st, 2016. Another warrant allows law enforcement to look for this data independently on an iPhone SE found near Kelley's body. (A separate warrant covers data on a second device, which court records identify as an LG feature phone.) The warrants were obtained on November 9th, two days after the FBI complained that encryption had prevented it from accessing the shooter's phone.

I wonder if the device was locked with Touch ID and if law enforcement tried unlocking the iPhone with the shooter's fingerprint? They would have few hours before the screen lock kicked in. It appears too they're asking Apple to help with the LG phone. Apple should be able to provide data housed in the iCloud account. We'll have to see if Apple stands firm on hacking the locked iPhone as it did with the San Bernardino case from 2015.