Report: Apple cuts corners with Face ID to improve production times


Under pressure to complete as many iPhone X sales as possible for the holidays, Apple reportedly reduced the testing cut off for its Face ID components. The issue surrounds performance of the component projecting infrared dots on faces which is then read by a second sensor component. Last month it was reported that yields of this dot projecting component were hampering production because it was failing to meet testing requirements.


To boost the number of usable dot projectors and accelerate production, Apple relaxed some of the specifications for Face ID, according to a different person with knowledge of the process. As a result, it took less time to test completed modules, one of the major sticking points, the person said.

I'm mostly interested in the ability of Face ID to reliably unlock my device with acceptable performance. I'm not so concerned about someone spoofing my face. Frankly, if someone was that determined enough to create a mask that looks like me or whatever, I've got more pressing problems. So, my question is whether this lowering of capabilities will affect the ability for Face ID to function as seamlessly as the current Touch ID.