Apple Music's Planet of the Apps promo


Apple has posted a promo for its upcoming Planet of the Apps that will debut on Apple Music. The Shark Tank-like unscripted show will follow hopeful app developers from pitching their app ideas to securing funding.

The show will involve a timed "escalator pitch" to a panel of celebrity "cultural experts." If picked, the expert will mentor the developer to pitch their app to a venture capitalist. Apple is offering to promote the apps on the App Store.

The show is hosted by Apple Music's Zane Lowe and appears to be exclusive to the subscription service. Apple's content strategy seems to be to add value to its monthly streaming service, sort of the same way Amazon has added value to its Prime membership through streaming media. Planet of the Apps is interesting because not only doesn't have a direct music link, but it does help promote Apple's App Store among new developers. Apple other new show Carpool Karaoke is also launching soon. Unlike Planet of the Apps, however, Carpool Karaoke has a direct link to music. It will be interesting to see how subscribers of Apple Music respond to Planet of the Apps vs Carpool Karaoke and whether it will help build an audience.