60 Minutes Apple piece + online extras


60 Minutes profile on Apple called "What's Next for Apple" doesn't really tell us much about what is next for Apple. The first segment is practically an infomercial for the company with a catalog of accomplishments and an interesting look inside Apple's R&D labs. In the second segment, however, 60 Minutes gets into more controversial topics of corporate taxes, overseas production, and labor conditions.

One tidbit I thought was interesting is that Apple has 800 people working on the iPhone's camera. I've always said the iPhone camera is probably the single most important feature to me and I'm sure I'm not alone. Some time is spent on the work being done with the camera.

In the online extra piece, segment producer interviews Charlie Rose on his experience. In that segment, Rose compares and contrasts Cook with Jobs. Rose interviewed Jobs many years ago when he was on PBS and offers some insights.