CableJive iBoltz Lightning cables comes in extra short and extra long


Cable management can be an obsessive endeavor and usually require cable ties and a variety of cable lengths for the job. CableJive announced two new Apple-certified Lightning cables that come in Extra Short and Extra Long lengths. The short version is 12 cm while the long is 2 meters. This compares to Apple 1 meter long standard cable.

I got to play with these this week and they look and feel like Apple's OEM cables. With iOS 7 it's also impotent to note these are certified by Apple because the company is cracking down on rouge charging parts. These seems to work fine with both iOS 7 and the latest iPhone 5s.

I particularly like the short cable for my daily bag. I carry a stupid number of white Apple adapters for my laptop and iOS devices so something small and tangle-free is a plus. I also like the short cables for the bedroom charging station where it can just hang off a power strip. The long is great for my desktop. The length is long enough so that I can put my device off the work surface and out of the way while charging or syncing.

Both cables are available now for $24.95 and $18.95 on the XL and XS. It looks like right now if you buy both from CableJive you can save $2.