Apple Partners With to Promote iPod


The AppleStore has signed a partnership arrangement with Europe to target potential iPod buyers across the UK, France and Germany, according to a report at NetImperative.

Apple advertisements for the iPod will be included on's site, as well as in emails to 550,000 subscribers. users will also get a chance to win an iPod.

San Diego-based, according to the company's blurb, "provides a wide range of unique products and services including music personalization, comprehensive genre and Artist charts, the Premium Artist Service (PAS) to showcase and promote Artists, and customized B2B services such as audio hosting and music licensing."

Analysis: Targeted advertising? Or spam? Since's users sign up to receive emails and associated advertising from the site, we guess this doesn't constitute unsolicited mail along the lines of mail from alleged Nigerian government ministers. This is probably a cost-effective and efficient way of pushing the iPod at consumers who are serious MP3 users. It will be interesting to keep an eye on what other deals like this Apple does.