CableJive dockBoss5 does audio and charging for all from 30-pin docks


Basically dockBoss5 is for all those 30-pin speaker docks out there. If you want to connect anything other than a 30-pin connector, such as Apple's newer Lightning dock devices or an Android device, the dockBoss aims to be that bridge. On one end is a female 30-pin connector and the other is a USB and 3.5mm audio jack. The idea is you can charge any device via the USB port and connect the audio via the headset jack. Cable Jive also says the device handles playback controls as a pass through.

The device requires no battery as it's powered from the dock connector. That's convenient if your dock is powered, however, may be an issue for battery powered speakers. The change from previous models is the USB plug, which makes it much more versatile for all devices.

The product includes a 3-foot audio patch cable and 3 foot micro-USB 2.0 cable. If you have a lightening device, you'll need to use your Apple cable.

The dockBoss 5 is available now for $29.95.