Apple releases the PowerMac SuperDrive update


Apple has begun distributing the SuperDrive Update in order to make older SuperDrive-equipped Macs compatible with a new type (faster) of DVD recordable media soon to be available. The mothership offers a surefire method of ascertaining whether or not your Mac needs the update applied:

You can easily verify if you need the update via the Apple System Profiler application. In Mac OS X, you'll find the Apple System Profiler in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder. In Mac OS 9, you'll find it in the Apple menu ... click the Devices and Volumes tab of the Apple System Profiler application, and then click the CD-RW/DVD-R disclosure triangle to see information about the device. If the Vendor Identification field names a manufacturer other than Pioneer, you don't need the update. If the Vendor Identification field names Pioneer as the vendor, you may need the update. For drives with the Product Identification DVR-104, no update is required if the Device Revision number is A227 or higher. For drives with the product Product Identification DVR-103, no update is required if the Device Revision number is 1.90 or higher.

Crystal clear are we now? Be sure to check the Apple page linked above and, of course, if you get no joy from that, be sure to pester His Steveness' minions at 1-800-APL-CARE (1-800-275-2273). And, don't forget, Apple has revised its phone support policy (to better serve you), so don't be surprised if they want to ding you $50 for the privilege.