SuperDrive PowerBook Breaks the 1 GHz Barrier


Apple today released revamped PowerBooks with faster processors and a DVD-R Superdrive.

The high-end PowerBook now comes with a 1GHz G4 and the entry model has a 867MHz G4.

Depending on model, the PowerBook comes with a built-in 2D/3D graphics acceleration through an integrated ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics processor with AGP 4X support and 32MB or 64MB of DDR SDRAM video memory.

The new models are priced at $2,299 (867MHz) and $2,799 (1GHz). The DVD-R drive is available only on the 'Ultimate' model, priced at $2,999.

Analysis: $2,999 is a very aggressive price for the DVD-R PowerBook - and a surprise, too, as the DVD-R wasn't really anticipated until MWSF January. A big thumbs up.

Apple making the DVD-R for the 'Ultimate' model only might reek of profit gouging, but it may also suggest that slot-loading DVD-Rs may be in short supply right now. Apple had problems getting CDRW drives for the revved TiBooks in 2001, and they wouldn't want a repeat of that fiasco. The standard 1GHz PowerBook (or the new PowerBook, probably, but not definitely, January, might make the DVD-R standard on the 1GHz 'Book as production ramps up.

So...when're you putting your order in?