Rumor: New monitors, PowerBook due Nov 5


MacPlus, a French rumor and news site, reports that Apple will announce a revised/updated monitors, as well as a refreshed PowerBook product line.

Here's the Google translation of the MacPlus article:

According to our sources, APPLE would leave (finally) its new flat-faced screen 19 inches, Tuesday November 5. Equipped with a resolution of 1600 pixels per 1024, as current the 22 inches, the new monitor with format 16/10 would sign the death sentence legendary Cinema Display. The range of the struck monitors of Apple would be thus made up in the long term of the 17, 19 and the 23 inches. Our sources state however that new the 19 inches would be available in the retailers only in the current of December because of a delay of production. In addition, it would seem that APPLE also chooses the date of November 5 to reveal the new range of PowerBook. Prudence and patience...

It is worth noting that the new monitors likely won't ship until December. No word on a shipment date for revised PowerBooks is offered.

Editor's note: As with all rumor reports, take this information with a large grain of salt. Moreover, if you need a new Mac, now is as good a time as any to buy. After all, rumors are more often wrong than right.