Windows: '[M]ore error messages than help files'


Apple has posted new "switch" stories on its Switching to Mac: Real Stories webpage and these stories are hard edged, yet funny. One user states that the Mac experience is best summed in the word "WOOHOO!," while another ponders what do with all of the desk space he has after replacing three PCs with a single LCD iMac.

Here are some highlights from Apple's 'switch' stories page:

"'d think there's some hidden setting that tells it when to crash, and the default setting is "the most inopportune times."
"When I first opened my photo editing software and applied a particularly difficult and resource-hogging filter, only one sound issued from my lips. WOOHOO!"
"It's patient. It's reliable. It's FRIENDLY."
"But more than that, my iBook is sturdy. Don't tell anyone, but I've dropped it... off beds, down stairs, on concrete. It's slid back and forth in my truck on bumpy roads, no problem."
"3 weeks later I sold my windows machine on ebay, and I centered my iMac perfectly on my very huge desk. I am now more productive with one very small computer using a fraction of the power one of my [three] pcs were using."

From the mouths' of babes... Image how smugly cool they'll feel in a couple months?

Editor's note: A cached version of M$' laughably pathetic own switch ad is available here. We covered the story yesterday -- here.