Roxio Finishes Carbonizing Entire Toast Suite


Roxio has completed the whole Toast 5 Titanium transition to OS X. While Roxio shifted Toast to Carbon some months ago, the company released incremental updates to other elements of the package, including the iMovie VCD export plug-in.

Now Roxio has made its other Toast for OS X components - including CD Spin Doctor, iView Media, Panic's Audion and Magic Mouse Discus available for immediate download for registered users.

Roxio says users must download Toast itself and then the other components individually. Users on dial-up connections who did not wish to download the package can order a upgrade CD from Roxio for $14.95, including S&H.

This version of Toast requires OS 9.1 or later, or OS X 10.1.2 or later. The installer will not function if a copy of Toast Titanium is not on a drive.

Post your comments on how well the carbonized portions of the suite work.

Analysis: This is a good, if not blindingly-fast, performance from Roxio, in terms of consistently delivering updates to users. Then again, I might be being too hard on them, as they need to incorporate support for a very large variety of burners, as well as take into account Apple's revisions to Disk Burner and iTunes. The company has always been very good at offering driver updates/plug-ins for newly-released burners as well. A while back, we needed support for a Yamaha 8424S and Roxio had one ready - and it worked for Jam too. An update disaster period in later revisions of Toast 4.1 and Jam 2.6 was resolved fairly quickly and Toast 5 updates have been relatively smooth going.