Apple Releases iPod Updater 1.2.1


Apple has released both OS X and
Classic versions of iPod Updater 1.2.1. Apple says the update features the following enhancements:

Audio playback and user interface improvements
Browse music by additional categories, including albums, and genres
Calendar -- display industry standard iCalendar appointments and alarms
Clock -- view the date and time
Connection feedback on the iPod screen, indicating when it's safe to unplug the FireWire cable
Additional iPod features, such as support for Sound Check and Audible audiobooks, are enabled when used with iTunes 3 and Mac OS X.

The updater has two functions, 'update' and 'restore'. Update installs new software into the iPod (the installer will determine whether this is necessary), and Restore, which returns the iPods to factory specifications. Apple cautions that using Restore erases all music and other files on the iPod.