iPod To Get an iDock?


Spymac reports that Apple is in the "early stages" of developing a docking device for the iPod.

Apparently, the dock would be similar to some iPod cradles already on the market. As the article notes, BookEndz dock provides both audio and FireWire ports.

Little information is available regarding what type of functionality an iDock might add to the iPod.

Analysis: There's probably too little in Spymac's report to glean much from this, but the possibilities are intriguing. An iPod dock would be a natural for BlueTooth connectivity, where you could simply beam your iCal stuff or address book from your rumored Apple iPhone over to your iPod without the intervention of your Mac. Or maybe even a USB port for printing out text messages or a calendar from your iPod. If the plethora of mini and micro docks which sprang up to service the PowerBook Duo are any indication, the possibilities might be infinite.