Report: Safari privacy controls expected to reduce ad revenues


iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra introduced a new feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention that aims to reduce the digital footprint of users with online advertisers. The most lucrative advertising tracks people as they search and visit pages and present ads based on their online activity.

It was expected this was likely to hurt advertising performance. Based on the report it seems the number is round 20% reduction in overall revenues.

The Guardian:

Advertising technology firm Criteo, one of the largest in the industry, says that the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) feature for Safari, which holds 15% of the global browser market, is likely to cut its 2018 revenue by more than a fifth compared to projections made before ITP was announced.
With annual revenue in 2016 topping $730m, the overall cost of the privacy feature on just one company is likely to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.