iPhone X available in stores for launch


Apple reminded us that the iPhone X is going on sale at Friday 12:01 AM Pacific Time (your mileage may vary). The release also stated that the iPhone will be available in stores for purchase.

Phone X will be available in more than 55 countries and territories, and in Apple Stores beginning Friday, November 3 at 8:00 a.m. local time. Stores will have iPhone X available for walk-in customers, who are encouraged to arrive early.

With such reportedly constrained supplies, I don't get why they're selling devices in stores. It would seem better for everyone if it was only pre-ordered online to avoid making people wait in lines for no reason.

Also, I'm wondering why, again with such expected supply issues, Apple is doing a big launch in 55 countries.

Perhaps supplies will be better than widely reported. Or perhaps a lot of customers will be disappointed and frustrated.