Evernote adds improved Siri integration with iOS 11


Evernote for iOS has been updated to take advantage of some of the new Siri hooks for applications. Similar to Apple's stock apps, third-party apps can now do similar tasks.

Awaken Siri on your device (either by holding the Home button or, if you've enabled it, saying "Hey Siri") and then give your instructions directly to Evernote. It's that simple! For example, here are a few commands you can try right now, once you've updated your device to iOS 11:

"Evernote, create a note called Meeting Ideas"
"Evernote, add 'I should bring pizza' to my Meeting Ideas note"
"Evernote, create a list with 'order lunch' and 'make itinerary'"
"Show me what I created today in Evernote"