Delays and the iPhone Upgrade Program


Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program is a mechanism to finance a new phone every year. Essentially you have a 24-month payment plan with the option to trade in that device early as a payoff. It's a nice program, but jumping through the necessary hoops can make it difficult to get a new iPhone when they launch.

Apple has made it easier, but there are still challenges when supplies are limited. Unsurprisingly, like pretty much every launch supplies are expected to be limited.

9 to 5 Mac has short overview of options for those looking to upgrade through Apple's program.

If you happen to do your iUP trade-in after 12 months has passed, the good news is that Apple will refund any payments you have made up to 30 days before upgrading. So there is a month buffer built-in, and it's possible that Apple could extend that period for iUP customers if there happens to be a more serious delay with the iPhone 8. (Note, while this doesn't appear in Apple's iUP T&C, we've confirmed this with multiple Apple Store employees).