Details of Apple's new Steve Jobs Theater


Next week, Apple is expected to announce its new lineup of iPhones and most likely other products. The event will be video streamed and hosted at the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple's new campus. Bloomberg has some interesting details of the facility.


The entrance to the venue sits underneath a silver disc, whose supporting glass panels make it seem to float 20 feet above the surrounding clearing. The auditorium itself occupies four underground stories, and to get there, journalists will descend a staircase spiraling down alongside the walls.

It also boasts two custom-made rotating elevators, which turn as they ascend and descend so that passengers enter and exit by the same door even as they go in and out from different directions. So far, so Apple--the more elegant single door, with its complex engineering, preferred to the more obvious double-door solution.

The theater is to hold 1000 people.