Panic releases Transmit 5


Transmit is a great FTP client and one of the apps I've been using for many years. Panic has release a major new version with 5.0.

Seven years after the first release of Transmit 4, our well-loved and widely-used macOS file transfer app, we sat down with an incredibly exhaustive list of ideas, and -- this'll sound like I'm exaggerating but I'm mostly sure I'm not -- we did it all.

With one massive update we've brought everyone's favorite file-transferring truck into the future with more speed, more servers, more features, more fixes, a better UI, and even Panic Sync. Everything from the core file transfer engine to the "Get Info" experience was rethought, overhauled, and improved.

Transmit 5 is available this week for $35. After this week, it will sell for $45. There is no upgrades available, so, this is a price new and existing users.